IIM's Projects

1. Homes for destitute children.

The rural settings of IIM Trust’s project is ideally suited for care and help of destitute children.IIM has 5 houses for such children, each home accommodates 5 – 6 children under the care of ‘house mother’.In all thirty children,mainly girls,of different age groups who benefit from this facility. This activity is associated to SOS Children’s Village Movement. Child who enters at the age of 6 continues to stay up to the age of 18.. Marriages are arranged at appropriate age. Children attend the local school upto 10th. After that they get higher education at suitable locations. So far 73 children have completed their education and are independent. Over 50 are married and are settled in life.

  • Leherein:

  • From June 1st,2012 we are associated with Organization Leherein,from Boston,USA. Leherein has sponsored 10 children from Balsadan.(Abhalmaya). Leherein is a social organization which is involved in various activities such as arranging various events for the community in Boston. Whatever the gifts in cash and kind collected are given as a donation to charitable organization in India.Once in two months they arrange for “Dabba Service” through which they collect donations for Charitable organization like IIM Trust. For the last two years, Leherein is taking care of IIM trust’s 10 children. To know more about Leherein click here


    2. ISHWARI Centre:

    (Institution for the Services of Handicrafts and Women’s Awareness of Rural Initiatives). Started in 1990, this program runs with the objective to help economically deprived and physically handicapped women to become aware of their potential and uplift their life. IIM Trust provides free accommodation to the trainees if required. This program is on earn and learn basis. The program offers training in crafts, sewing and tailoring, cooking, personality development and citizenship rights. Over 600 women and young girls have completed the course of 10 months. After training some of them join the production unit run by the Ishwari Co-operative Society. Many have obtained jobs as cooks in nearby residential schools.


    3. Anganwadi Workers’ Training Centre:

    This activity is being conducted since 1983, on behalf of Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), New Delhi. The Anganwadi workers are working in ICDS Scheme are deputed for one month job training and for refresher courses. The main objective is to train Anganwadi Workers in the following subjects
    • Orientation to ICDS Scheme
    • Health & Nutrition
    • Early Childhood Care & Education
    • Family planning and birth control
    • Community contacts and participation
    • Parent and community education

    The total number of trainees who benefited through these courses is nearly 5000.


    4. Pre-primary schools in the villages:

    No government program recognizes and supports pre-primary education. IIM Trust runs 16 pre-primary classes. Preschool classes started in 1972 for the surrounding villages of Phulgaon. Children from age 3 to 6 are admitted for education. Along with education through play, children with malnutrition are helped medically.. At present 600 children are benefitted every year through this activity. It has been observed that a child who starts with early education continues at primary and secondary levels. School dropouts are not found in this group. There is a growing demand from parents for starting English medium classes. This year we have started English medium pre-primary education on experimental basis at Wagholi All the teachers appointed are properly trained.


    5. Computer Centre at Phulgaon:

    (A joint venture of Chaitanya Software Technologies Pune and Investment In Man Trust)

    We have started a computer centre at Phulgaon where different courses related to computer are being conducted. All these courses are for rural men,women and children and no fees are charged. Moreover after successful completion of the course students are absorbed in Chaitanya Software Technologies for a job.We wish to expand this as a higher education centre up to graduation/diploma in this field. For the benefit of rural students an ultra modern facility is developed at our project site in Phulgaon.


    6. Agri-Horticulture Project:

    IIM Trust has 5.5 hectares of farmland with good irrigation facility. From time to time gardener training programs are conducted as per local demand. The farm is also used for demonstration of newer varieties of crop and fertilizers. The waste water treatment plant for recycling of waste water is already constructed. At present we have got plantation of anonas, guava, mango, tamarind and citrus lime trees. We wish to use this farm as an experimental farm to conduct various experiments on plant production and there is plan of agro-tourism.


    Future Plans

    IIM has sustained all activities with generous help from our well wishers in India and abroad. We intend to concentrate on development activities for women and young girls. They are:-

  • Safe and proper infrastructure development for the educational and         personality development camps and workshops for different age groups.

  • Post Graduate degrees and Diploma courses in computer science at     Phulgaon campus.

  • Construct and run a Snehsadan, Old age home.

  • Plan for construction of working women hostel, entertainment hall for     senior citizens, and Balbhavan for children in Pune.

  • Coaching classes for high school students in the areas around Phulgaon.


    An Appeal

    We all know that money is not the only thing but it is required to run the activities of the trust. This help comes from various individuals and institute which supports us in continuing these activities. Your support in cash or kind is welcome.

    Donations can be given

    -   Help for Balgruh - 4000/-per child per month-total 30 children.

    -   Sponsorship for rural areas Balwadi.

    -   Sponsorship for higher education of girls from Balgruh.

    -   For Help in developing higher education facilities at Phulgaon campus.

    -   Help for construction of a working women hostel,Balbhavan and cultural     centre at Pune.


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